6During 1990, at the farm of the Late Sir Peter Elworthy, I was fortunate, along with others, to work alongside Japanese Sculptor, Atsuo Okomoto. (The sculptures completed on this site were gifted to the nation by Sir Paul Reeves.)

Atsuo grew up in Hiroshima. He designed the Memorial Park in Hiroshima, commemorating the deaths and suffering of his people from the dropping of the first atomic bomb in 1945 on Hiroshima City, Japan.

When I was a young boy of seven, I wanted to be a nuclear physicist, believe it or not! I was doing these models, as I remember, of atomic and nuclear fusion. At the same time I was reading about the outcomes of creating the first atomic bomb, which eventually was used during the Second World War in Japan, on Hiroshima and Ngagosaki.

I read also of the destruction and inhumanity of what that form of energy can have on mankind. I decided I would become an artist instead.

This is Earth – one of three works, from Earth, Wind and Fire series.

Our earth is sacred. It is a gift. A gift that, as caretakers, we should all be respecting, nurturing and protecting.

(These works were submitted for consideration as a gift to the Japanese Prime Minister)