This work speaks from the Central Volcanic Plateau/Lake Taupo region of the North Island, New Zealand.

It acknowledges the history of the region’s massive upheavals and land transformations bought about by the active mountains in this area and the catastrophic eruptions of the crater, which is Lake Taupo.

When the earth opens up in and around Lake Taupo, the eruptions exceed those of neighbouring mountains Ruapehu and Tongariro by an order of magnitude that is akin to comparing a nuclear bomb to a firecracker.

The Taupo eruption of 186 AD was believed to have deposited upwards of 180 cubic kilometers of new material on the earth’s crust. There are recordings of this event by Chinese and Roman historians 186-189 AD.

Awesome as it may have been, the Taupo eruption of AD 186 had been preceded by very much larger events. Ash deposits of a single volcanic eruption from the Taupo region found far out in the Pacific Ocean, drew scientists to conclude that something in the order of 1000 cubic kilometres of ash were spread far and wide some 300,000 years ago.